Understand the role and distribution of our utility token within the ecosystem, driving project growth and user benefits.

Chain: BSC (BEP20)

Token Name: ZenithX (ZNX)

Max Supply: 1Billion

Decimals: 18

Token Address: 0xE2d02eAb575b7FCbA4AB402dB25458A80bc58cb7


Zenith X Labs is proud to introduce a comprehensive tokenomics model meticulously designed to sustainably fuel the growth and value appreciation of our ecosystem. Our tokenomics structure is founded on principles of transparency, fairness, and long-term sustainability, aiming to foster community engagement, incentivize participation, and reward stakeholders for their contributions. Below is a detailed breakdown of the ZNX tokenomics:

  • Total Supply: The ZNX ecosystem will have a total token supply of 1 billion tokens (10^9).
  • Initial Supply: At the genesis of the ecosystem, there will be an initial supply of 500 million tokens.

Pre-Sale (150 Million)

This round is designed to provide early investors with exclusive access to ZNX tokens. In the first round, tokens will be priced at $0.02 each, and in the second round, the price will be $0.035. Tokens in the seed round will be subject to a vesting period for investor protection and ecosystem stability.

  • 20% of tokens will become sellable after 1 month.
  • 30% of tokens will become sellable after 3 months.
  • 50% of tokens will become sellable after 6 months
  • The public rounds are open to all participants, allowing broader access to ZNX tokens.
    • The token price will start at $0.05 and gradually increase to $0.06 in the second round.
    • Tokens acquired during public rounds will follow a standard vesting period.
      • 25% of tokens will become sellable every 2 months, totaling 8 months for full vesting.

Community & Partnership (200M)

  • Partnerships (100M): This allocation is dedicated to forging strategic partnerships aimed at accelerating ecosystem growth and user acquisition.

    • Growth & Acquisition Partners (75M): Priority will be given to partnerships with platforms or entities capable of driving user acquisition and expanding the ecosystem. These may include marketing partners, affiliate programs, or co-branded campaigns.
    • Community Builders & Influencers (25M): Collaborate with community leaders, influencers, and key opinion leaders to promote the platform and engage existing and potential community members.
  • Community Growth & Development (100M): This allocation is aimed at nurturing the community and fostering its growth through various initiatives.

    • Community Engagement Fund (50M): Allocate tokens for community-driven projects, events, and initiatives that promote deeper connections, collaboration, and learning opportunities within the community.
    • Growth & User Acquisition Fund (50M): This fund supports initiatives aimed at attracting new users, such as educational campaigns, incentivized referrals, and platform optimization for specific user segments

Team & Advisors (150 Million)

  • This allocation is reserved for rewarding core contributors and advisors who play pivotal roles in the development and success of the ecosystem.

    • Vesting Schedule:
      • 25% of tokens will be released after 1 year.
      • The remaining 125% of tokens will be released over the subsequent 4 years.

Balanced Ecosystem Growth (500 Million)

Year 1: 250M tokens minted:

  • Zenith X Chain Infrastructure & Scalability (100M): Invest in upgrading and optimizing the Zenith X Chain to accommodate increased activity and ensure seamless operation.

  • DEX Ecosystem Expansion (150M): Invest in initiatives aimed at strengthening the decentralized exchange (DEX), including diversification of liquidity pools, cross-chain integrations, and innovative reward mechanisms.

Year 2: 250M tokens minted:

    • Staking & Rewards (100M): Incentivize long-term holding and active network participation through a flexible staking program with tiered rewards.
    • Marketing & User Acquisition (150M): Deploy targeted marketing campaigns across relevant channels to attract new users and expand the ecosystem’s reach.

This comprehensive tokenomics model serves as the cornerstone of Zenith X Labs’ commitment to building a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving ecosystem. Through transparency, community engagement, and strategic allocation of resources, we aim to create long-term value for all stakeholders involved in the ZNX ecosystem.

A Decentralized Ecosystem For Web 3.0 Revolutions. 



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